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Rev Valerie Allen is raising money for a charity in Pakistan which works with women and families who have experienced violence and discrimination.

CLAAS gives legal advice, offers empowerment and skills training, counselling, education and access to a safe house or emergency shelter.

She said: "This summer I will be visiting Pakistan for the second time. The first part of my trip will be a trek to K2 Basecamp, the most challenging trek I have ever done. However, my challenge is nothing compared to the challenges the women and families at CLAAS face. The second part of my trip will be visiting this and other projects. At CLAAS a colleague and I will be teaching simple, holistic body, mind, spirit practices for reducing stress and enhancing well-being. We will also be leading a three-day workshop organised by another organisation, Talitha Kumi, around the theme of nurturing resilience in and empowering women. The money you donate will help CLAAS run its emergency shelter and safe house; employ teachers and counsellors; or continue giving help with legal cases. By donating you will be giving the gift of life - the chance for women and their families to move forward with renewed hope and fresh aspirations."
(Please note Ms Allen's personal costs are not part of the funding appeal).

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